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Fussen Dirndl

The history of this dirndl:

     This dirndl was first worn at the Fahnenweihe of our Patenkind, the Denver Edelweiss, in 1982. This dirndl is fashioned after the dirndl worn by our Bavarian Patenverein, the Neuschwanstoner from Fussen.

This dirndl consists of the following:
          Fussen dirndl
          White blouse with lace at bust
          Striped apron
          Silver chain

How the dirndl is worn:
     A black velvet ribbon is worn at the neck. Black or white ribbons only to tie back the hair. Silver barrettes only. The silver chain is worn in the hooks on the bodice. White hose are worn. No hat is worn.

The care of the dirndl:
     The dirndl, blouse and apron are all machine washable. Line drying is recommended for the dirndl and apron to reduce wear and fading.