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Black Skirt

The history of the black skirt:

     The black skirt has been part of the Tracht of the Verein for as long as most of the oldest members can remember. The exact year of itís introduction is not known. The skirt is owned by the Verein and must be turned back to the club when membership is dropped.

This dirndl consists of the following:
          Velvet mieder with a red grosgrain ribbon
          Black embroidered skirt
          White blouse with embroidery at neck
          Apron with heart lace

How the dirndl is worn:
     A black velvet ribbon is worn at the neck. The mieder is held closed with a red grosgrain ribbon. A black or white ribbon is worn to tie back the hair. Silver barrettes only. White hose are worn. No hat is worn.

The care of the dirndl:
     The skirt and mieder are dry clean only. The apron, blouse and grosgrain ribbon are machine washable. Use a bit of starch on the apron and sleeves of the blouse for a crisp look.