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     In 1928 a group of Austrians, who were denied membership in another Milwaukee Schuhplatter Verein, came together to form D'Oberlandler. Our founding members were Karl and Gretchen Skacel, Max Prommersberger, George and Ida Lori, Gertrude and Ludwig Eibl. Max Prommersberger became our first President, Karl Skacel our first Vorplatter and George Lori our first musician. Soon Otto and Bertha Buckel, the Huber family, the Enders family, and the Andorfer sisters joined D'Oberlandler. Both Otto Buckel and Frank Enders went on to become our first two Ehren Vorstaende (Honor President). Our third Ehren Vorstand is our former President, John Schaefer. John held the position of President for 45 years. He is married to Frank Enders daughter, Carol.

Honor Members

     Members that have the distint honor of being reconized as honor members are those inidivuals that have been a member of our club for at least 15 consecutive years and have a record of exemplary service for the good of the society. Listed to the right are all of our Honor Members since the establishment of our Verein in 1928.

Verein Officers

Honor Member List

Darlene Behr
Erv Behr†
Joan Behr
Diane Brower
Carl Brzykcy
Otto Buckel†
Ted Diel
Gerhard Eberle †
Henry Eberle †
Mildred Eberle †
Frank Enders †
George Enders
John Enders †
Joseph Federl, Sr. †
Doris Fischer
Jerry Fischer
Hans Gassner †
Rose Gassner †
Orville Gierach
Hans Glieber †
Emil Leuzinger †
Ida Lori †
Charles Marves †
Lillian Marves†
Hans Moser †
Tony Moser †
Lampert Praxenthaler†
Theresa Paxenthaler†
Carl Ratzer †
Fritz Ratzer †
Gertrude Ratzer
Carol Schaefer
John Schaefer
Mitzi Schlapper †
Kathi Schuetz †
Harold Seemann†
Peter Seitz †
Robert Seitz
Alfons Seonbuchner †
Christl Seonbuchner †
Lucille Settele†
Martin Settele †
Gretchen Skacel†
Karl Skacel †
Dennis Smith
Joe Stoeberl
Rita Stoeberl
Andrew Wahn †
Anna Walter †
Isadore Walter †
John Walters, Sr.†