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     S.V.E.V. D'Oberlandler was formed in 1928 for the purpose of upholding the traditions of the Bavarian culture through Schuhplattler (dancing), music and traditional Bavarian clothing (Tracht). D'Oberlandler (which, when translated, means the mountain people or highlander) have performed internationally as well as all over the United States.

     D'Oberlandler has had the honor of dancing at the Munich Oktoberfest, for First Lady Betty Ford and for President Ronald Reagan. We are featured regularly at Milwaukee's Germanfest and local Oktoberfests. D'Oberlandler has attended the 100th Anniversary celebration of the Neuschwanstoaner Schuhplattler Verein of Fuessen, Bavaria, Germany and the 80th Anniversary and Gau Fest of the Oberer Lechgau, Germany.

      While in Germany, they also took part in the Isargau Fest. Our Verein belongs to the Gauverband Nordamerika, which is the National Federation of Schuhplattler Vereine throughout the United States and Canada. We have the distinct honor of being one of the first 13 founding members of Gauverband Nordamerika.


     D'Oberlandler meet every Friday at the Frontier Park Pavilion at 8pm. The Second Friday of each month is a business meeting open only to the membership. The rest of the month we hold our Plattlerprobe and invite all to come and watch the beauty of the Schuhplattler dance.

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     D’Oberlandler present: Summer Solsce Bavarian Style!

     Saturday June17th, 2017 at Frontier Park Pavilion located at 127th and W. Eggert Place, Butler, WI.

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